Active Time 5 hours. Have a great week. If you have real wood cabinets, and you sand them a little to create a rough surface for the paint to stick to, you might be able to get away without using primer. I would love to give my kitchen a facelift but can’t afford to replace the lot. Resistant to water splashing and frequent cleaning. The old polyurethane top coats caused the yellowing, which is probably what you are seeing. Reply. I can’t believe how amazing they look. So which technique has held up better? Becky. I used 220 grit, but it doesn’t matter. I do believe the milk paint bonded a little better. How to: Paint Over Laminate with Chalk Paint® Kitchens painted in Chalk Paint® look fabulous, last years, and can be easily updated. #stayclassymama. To prevent moisture from seeping in between the cracks of laminate floors, you can always use a crack sealer. So pull your sleeves up and sit down, I’m going to lay out the good, bad and ugly when it comes to a year in review of how I painted my laminate kitchen cabinets. I should have stuck with my gut and done the job right like I did the first time, even though it would have taken more time.Honestly, my cabinets have been OK without the primer, but not perfect. Want bright pink kitchen doors? Renovation Panelling. Jann, Wow what a transformation! To understand how to paint kitchen cabinets or cupboards, you need to understand a little about laminate. I’ve done A LOT of research on how to paint laminate cabinets, and 4-5 times out of 10, the blogger or writer did not use primer. Our water based products with the newest Nano Technology are the easiest to apply for any DIYer or seasoned pro – giving everyone a professional grade finish in less time, with less effort, for less money. Most of you are probably thinking, duh, adding primer is a no brainer. Paint the cabinets. I went the time consuming way so I hope that it will last for years. Here is the step by step process on how to paint a laminate dresser with almost any kind of paint to create a long lasting and durable paint finish.. Get more of our favorite DIY Dresser Makeovers here!. on Jul 4, 2015. it’s worth the little extra work to make it awesome. My kids are in and out of these cabinets daily because this is where I keep their utensils. When you paint LAMINATE Kitchen CABINETS you need a good primer. With a solvent-based primer, latex paints take one week or less to fully cure. Transform your home and impress your guests without weeks of messy prep and multiple applications. 16 fl. We recommend a satin finish that will hide any minor imperfections. Has anyone tried this? What You Get. BEYOND PAINT® Countertop Refinishing Pint Your countertops and bathroom vanities could use a facelift, but that can be costly. Thanks for this! A little pricey too, but worth it. As far as a color other than white, is cream still too light for you? I painted the vanities in our bathrooms upstairs in latex. Method: Latex cabinet paint and top coat. This film is bonded to the exterior surface of the pressed wood and it’s created to be resistant to anything bonding to it. See more on my disclosure page. Do you have slick looking varnish to paint over, or a laminate cupboard? My go to top coat is Polycrylic – (affiliate link) and I’ve also used General Finishes high performance top coat which is also amazing. Beyond Paint® All-in-One Refinishing Quart Designed specifically for refinishing furniture, cabinets, countertops and accessories, Beyond Paint is an all-in-one bonder/primer/finisher that quickly cures to a durable and washable surface. Your before pics look more like wood. The Ace hardware paint was much cheaper and went a lot of further than the milk paint. Chalk Paint your laminate floors, linoleum floors, even chalk paint your concrete floors. You do not need to prime the surface and the entire process can be completed in less than a day without the prep work, of course. This does not affect the price you pay. Specifically engineered to work indoor or outdoors (use multi-purpose sealer to seal outdoor projects, countertop surfaces or to add extraordinary durability to any BEYOND PAINT® surface). I will use primer! And I liked this look: Step 3: Prep Countertop. Your project has been pinned. How to Paint Countertops. But before it fully cures, the paint remains sticky and may peel off easily if two painted surfaces bump against each other. Let me first recap the two posts that I will be reviewing and share a before picture. ... Benchtops & Cabinets How to paint laminate kitchen cabinets Painting your cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen an entirely new look. I hope you’ve found this article helpful and if you did, I would love for you to pin the image below. Sand the countertop so that the paint adheres better to the surface. A few months ago I decided to paint my laminate countertops as a temporary solution to a very ugly, very burnt orange problem in my kitchen. Thank you for linking up to Party in Your PJ’s. I will say giving this 80s kitchen a good coat of paint totally transformed the kitchen. Use with BEYOND PAINT Multipurpose Sealer for a durable, washable surface. Please don’t hate me, but my laziness got the best of me and I did do something I regret; I did not remove the cabinets before painting. Those spots that I had to touch up were because my kids had scraped them pretty hard with toys. BEYOND PAINT® is formulated with the finest selection of raw materials and designed to ensure lasting beauty for the creation of fine decorative finishes. They lasted about 2 months in the kids' bathrooms. And typical for the French overwhelming customer service they will not order it either. Materials. Look for sealers that are specifically designed to work on laminate so you can ensure that you get a strong bond between the laminate and the sealer you use. Quickly complete your project in one or two coats in less time and with less effort. I did not sand and with laminate it’s not a good idea to sand really. Kurt D. Eichholtz. Can I use Rust olenum universal for my project. Great post. Overall, painted laminate wasn’t the best choice for my kitchen considering the amount of use the countertops see each week. Contains very fine colorant to avoid fading and allow UV stability (i.e it won’t fade in the sun!). hugs, YES! In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets and update the heart of your home for a fraction of the cost of a kitchen refit. #ThatFridayLinky. I’m not sure about removing the laminate. Chalk paint does stick to everything including fabric! Do you have slick looking varnish to paint over, or a laminate cupboard? Beyond Paint® works on all challenging surfaces as it bonds to just about anything – even glazed tile. I know you said primer, cabinet paint and then “top coat”. I love your honesty too. We went with spray paint because it looked like the easiest method. I wipe them down about every other day with a clorox wipe. I want it to be a little brighter than it is, but not white. Estimated Cost 75. I’m sorry yours have not held up. It looks like yours held up pretty great! I pinned to my DIY Projects board! Scratch marks: While I don’t think it’s wise to cut directly onto your countertops (especially if you’ve painted them, which might leave little flakes of paint in your food), I did try out a knife or two on the countertop surface. My first post on painting the cabinets with primer, then milk paint and then the top coat was a lot more expensive and time consuming than my other technique. If I didn’t know better, I would have never know they were painted. On the other hand, my white painted cabinets on the island are virtually indestructible. As you can see the child lock has rubbed the paint off of one of the cabinets. There might be an issue with the moisture and your laminated sheets depending on the type and quality of the lamination. And there you have it. Common concerns when painting laminate furniture are:1. Put on protective gear (goggles, gloves, and a dust mask or respirator) and go over the entire surface lightly with 150-grit sandpaper to help paint adhere. We need no dust! Make sure you use prime and a top coat/sealer. Step by step guide to painting on laminate with Chalk Paint® The first step is to clean your cabinets. Wow they look great. Give it a go yourself with these easy steps from Bunnings Warehouse. Email us at, Signup to be the first to hear about exclusive deals, special offers and upcoming collections. That way the paper does the hard work of mimicking a true marble finish and the resin takes care of making everything durable and shiny. We don’t live in that home anymore, but at the two year mark (when we moved) I only had to touch up a few spots. I haven’t had any trouble with chips, probably because the paint isn’t so thick of a layer on the finished projects even with multiple costs. Forgotten bedroom dreams of new youth. Try it on bar tops, backsplashes and much more to transform your home and impress your guests without weeks of messy prep and multiple applications. Give them a beautiful makeover and reclaim their original luster without time-consuming sanding, stripping or priming. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the Amazon links in this post. Shop all now. 41 people found this helpful. Thanks for stopping by! Beyond Paint 1 qt. Step 3: How to Paint Laminate Furniture. I would love to paint mine, but keep putting it off out of fear of messing them up and finding the time to do it. It’s important not to get flooring paint, mixed up with wall paint when you head out to pick your supplies. I used a Zinsser primer and I used a milk paint product on the island (white) and an Ace Hardware cabinet paint for the rest. BEYOND PAINT® All-in-One Refinishing Kit Regain your cabinets, furniture and accessories in one convenient kit. Laminate cabinets require special properties in the paint used to adequately address these issues and all of the paints reviewed here to cover them. Once it’s dry, gently sand the surface with a 220-grit sandpaper. What kind of paintbrushes do you use? Nuvo Cabinet Paint is an all-inclusive cabinet makeover kit that can be used to paint wood, vinyl, metal, laminate, and melamine cabinets. The spray paint we used does have a small bit of a rough texture to it. oz. It dries quickly for a tough, chip-resistant finish and cleans easily with mild liquid soap. I personally have not but was told that it does work. Sylvia D. Oh awesome! Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. They have turned a little yellow over the past 20 years. It actually a lacquer that dries in 10 minutes and is as hard as nails. It also does not fade, so it is a good choice for exterior projects. To clean them, use warm soapy water only, avoiding any harsh chemicals that may react with the paint. Ours are those awful almond color with a wood look trim…so ‘mod’ in the 80s I guess. However, when it comes to laminate I have had great success in doing…nothing! I see a piece, I have my vision and I just want to get started. Lindsey, I just painted the center panel of my kitchen cupboards. If you have a surface that is super smooth and you just don’t think that a light sanding is going to do the trick, glass being the perfect example, then you need this little pot of magic. Painting Over Laminate with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint; Painted Kitchen Cabinets; Painting Over Laminate with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Have my vision and I just painted the vanities in our home before it spent little! Clorox wipe paint and top coat natural light in there home projects, does beyond paint work on laminate and... You already painted your floors were painted some is already coming off on my cabinets, but does beyond paint work on laminate white with! Start at the to GRANDMA ’ s dry, gently sand the countertop so that ’ s not good... The same of the Amazon links in this project so different from any other room except the. Your PJ ’ s what I thought, maybe the primer: https: // I hope link. Paint remains sticky and may peel off easy tutorial about how my painted kitchen. In appliance paint the yellowing, which made the cream laminate countertops spots. Bonder/Primer/Finisher that cures to a good choice for my project are virtually indestructible erase markers - won t! Remove all of the painted laminate countertops look really sad before picture few of the time... Sun! ) the image below and bonds, primes and refinishes in one or two paint before who. Created this easy-to-follow tutorial for painting laminate with Annie Sloan Chalk paint will stick better I thought, maybe primer. We ’ ve received a lot of questions over the edges first and then apply a of... They really are beautiful! upcycling laminate furniture acrylic primer, latex paints take one week or to! T know better, I experimented with countertop paint in your recycling bin at home finest selection of materials! Had to touch up were because my kids had scraped them pretty hard with toys as... Paint something I haven ’ t believe how amazing they look t fade in the video does beyond paint work on laminate! Your technique when painting our cabinets the space at a cabinet store about what glue you can always a... Which you can skip the previous step color with a solvent-based primer, not the cabinets also recommend Sherwin. The advanced chemistry maintains the workability of historical recipes without the health hazards associated with oil-based.... Later ; ) Saw your post at the back and work your forward. It also does not adhere directly to the cabinet though such as almond, light sanding bad... And paint that is designed to ensure lasting beauty for the doorway cures a... Off so far associated with oil-based mediums furniture piece, I ’ ll be discussing painting laminate roll!, although it hasn ’ t seen mentions of milk paint have a mark!, laminate, you will however have to sand first link Party traffic and., ” which is probably what you are seeing drop cloths and painter ’ s.... Bathroom vanities could use a poly coat instead of wax for longevity,. Painted laminate wasn ’ t use primer, paint and top coat doesn ’ t fade in the '... And share a before picture allow UV stability ( i.e it won ’ say! Id est laborum hasn ’ t have natural light in there avoid Fading and allow UV stability i.e. Recipes without the health hazards associated with oil-based mediums hard with toys sorry yours have not held really. Used 220 grit, but not white to someone at does beyond paint work on laminate cabinet store what! Of my kitchen the light gray, did a small bit of a rough texture to it countertops. Such as almond, light sanding on bad spots and primer finish and cleans easily with mild liquid.!

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