So if this subwoofer is so small, how come Yamaha claims the frequency response extends down to 20Hz, when conventional speaker design thinking has it that a subwoofer has to be physically large in order to deliver low bass frequencies? For Decent build quality even tonal balance Bought these Yamaha NS-300 some months ago and I am glad I did, every day. The Yamaha NS-333 speaker is loaded with amazing features that can offer you with great performance. Visordown Newsletter. The height of the speakers is close to one metre and weight something around 13.7 kg (30,14 lbs). Review Yamaha NS-SW300. As you’ve probably guessed from the photograph accompanying this review the Yamaha NS-SW300 has many more controls than the volume control and power switch that are visible on the front panel. As a company, it’s hard to go past the fact that it recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and is renowned the world over not only for the quality of its audio products, but also for the quality of its musical instruments… not to mention its motorcycles and outboard motors. Me? - - A perfect match for large-screen TVs. Vocals come to life with this tweeter. Savers withdrew a staggering £6.2bn from NS&I accounts in November after rate cuts... as January's Premium Bonds winners are named ... Covid commuter: This is the Yamaha Tricity 300 - … Top view of the Yamaha NS-F901. The Yamaha NS-A836 is the big brother to the NS-A636. When I think of Yamaha, from a pro-audio gear standpoint, I think of no-frills products like the famous, industry-standard NS-10 studio monitors. But a JBL might also be an option as the 2 front speakers are 2 ancient JBL-towers. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Yamaha. All instruments in classical music are well defined one from another and present in the space being so easy to define their position in the orchestra, even in depth. The Flagship model from Yamaha a couple of years ago is a very good sounding one for the price I paid for. By Alan Dowds. Yamaha’s heavily retro-styled NS-5000 loudspeaker is a superb high-end loudspeaker with huge all-round ability Back in 1974, Yamaha released the NS-1000 loudspeaker. In this setting, the subwoofer’s output peaks at around 50Hz. We are awaiting price confirmation of the Yamaha NS-3000 bookshelf speakers, but we can expect them to wear a more wallet-friendly price tag than the NS-5000s, somewhere around the £8000 mark. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. I usually drive them with an old Kenwood KA-4520 (2x110W RMS). Going onto the the NS300's, I had these up agaist some Missions and other mid range manufactuers and to be honest the Yamahas won hands down. However, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha NS-SW300 is a more popular subwoofer, based on its 60+ reviews. It can easily handle the wider dynamic range and frequancy response of today's sources. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, There may be some sounds in the registration of the music that are not very well registered, or at the contrary too well registered and all errors will become noticeable. For a moderate NS-500M buyers should expect to pay $300 to $400, rarely less. As for the external cabinet, photographs don’t really do it justice, but it’s an outstandingly good black piano-gloss finish—and you don’t need me to tell you that Yamaha knows more than a little about piano-gloss finishes! This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Yamaha. The Yamaha NS-5000s are unusual yet beguiling speakers, clearly successful in their tribute to the original NS-1000s. Very smooth highs thanks to its silk tweeter and unusually clear vocals. New Twisted Flare Port Produces Clear and Tight Bass The all-new Twisted Flare Port takes advantage of extensive subwoofer development experience. is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Specified Performance. High eficciency drivers and stable impedance insure that virtually any receiver or amp can handle them. When I first brought them home I noticed that the highs were a bit too much for my ears. But a JBL might also be an option as the 2 front speakers are 2 ancient JBL-towers. So SVS SB-3000, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $500 Yamaha NS-SW300, as seen on the chart below. There’s also a set of high-level inputs and output terminals (multi-way banana types) for those who prefer (or by design are forced) to connect their subwoofer to their speaker terminals. Supreme construction and narrow front assure less boxy-sound. The bass is now present without booming reaching very low notes that are distinguished and not just an undefined low frequency sound. With a little digging, it’s noted that output is rated at 100Hz into a 5 ohm load, with 10% THD, which is a bit liberal for our liking in terms of distortion. MORE: Best speakers 2020: budget to premium stereo speakers. | Indeed YST’s evolution can be traced all the way back here to Australia and the work done in the ‘70s by the late, great Australian engineer Neville A. Thiele (who famously teamed up with US engineer Dr Richard Small to develop the ubiquitous Thiele/Small method of speaker alignment that is now used by every loudspeaker manufacturer in the world.). slider switch. Tonality was excellent with the crossover set close to 40Hz, with an ever-so-slight ‘plumminess’ creeping in only at higher crossover settings… and then only when volume levels were also set too high. At Yamaha, for many years there was a desire to repeat the enormous success of the NS-1000 and NS-1000M, belonging to the exclusive group of loudspeakers with the world’s longest production time. However from my experience with the NS-SW300, I think you’ll be able to play it plenty loud enough—even with the high-cut control set to maximum—in any average-sized room. The Yamaha NS-SW300 is quite a small subwoofer, measuring only 350×366×420mm. In this setting, bass transitioned to the three pairs of main speakers I had on hand quite nicely, with no ‘hole in the middle’ that I could hear. Overall, the Yamaha NS-SW300 shows exemplary performance for a subwoofer of its size. I have a Yamaha sub woofer that never actually felt the need to use. In the world of subwoofing, the performance of any individual subwoofer will be dictated by the diameter and quality of the bass driver fitted to it, the volume of the cabinet in which it’s fitted, the power output of the amplifier driving the bass driver, and the presence (or absence) of any sophisticated electronic circuitry fitted to enhance the subwoofer’s performance (YST, DSP et al). A new technology, so far as I’m aware, incorporated in the NS-SW300 is the use of a ‘twister’ bass reflex port, which I’ll also explain. Shares. Our Verdict. Yamaha NS-6490 speakers provide an excellent cost-effective solution for a home theater or general music system. Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument. Have also Arcam, NAD and Denon and Technics amplifiers and a Yamaha 5.1 receiver, but for now I prefer the sound and enjoy the power of the good-old Kenwood. Bass timing was very precise, and the speed of the bass such that I couldn’t hear any lag at all. It's the only 3-way passive bookshelf under US$300 that I found. I cannot say to buy them or not - if you find them :) - but if you are looking for something similar to what I was looking for then you really need to give them a try. This would then enable amplifier designers to do things they’d previously thought to be impossible. The design of the PRO 300 throws me off a bit. Buy now & save $50. The voices sound natural and the instruments as well. First ride: Yamaha X-MAX 300 review. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Harman Kardon brings 3D spatial audio and live music concerts to your car, Sony launches new 360 Reality Audio wireless speakers and video streaming service, Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen is a giant 56-inch OLED 'in-car cinema'. Look around the back and you’ll find a mains power switch (the one on the front is actually a standby power switch), a three-position automatic standby slider switch (Off/Low/High), a two-position phase slider switch (Normal/Reverse), a rotary high-cut control (40–140Hz) and a two-position B.A.S.S. Starting with the costlier NS-SW300, you get a 10” driver backed by a 250W amplifier. Bought these Yamaha NS-300 some months ago and I am glad I did, every day. The NS-SW300 that is the subject of this review is a good case in point, because it incorporates some unusual—and unusually useful—technological features. The NS-1000 speaker series was a very successful platform for Yamaha that was introduced in the mid-'70s and lasted to the mid-’90s over a 20-year production run. What Hi-Fi? The rock and hard rock music is where you may find some surprises. If you have never owned a subwoofer previously, be warned that you will initially need to spend a considerable amount of time working out where in your room the NS-SW300 has to be placed in order to ensure it will deliver the deepest, most even sound. As you may know now, the main thing that differentiatesthe speakers from other modern floor standing is the size. | Yamaha NS-F51- Floor standing speaker This high performance floor-standing speaker usesa two-way, three-speaker configuration with two 16cm (6-1/2") cone woofers and one 3cm (1") soft dometweeter for beautifully clear sound with immensely powerful bass. The overall frequency response for the 140Hz setting is about 45Hz to 180Hz ±3dB, which is an excellent result. Yamaha NS-SW050 is a very popular and one of the cheapest options. Hi, As I have a Yamaha RX-V685-receiver with 2 MusicCast 20 wireless surround speakers I would like to add a sub, preferably a Yamaha. They are able to give excellent sound rich of high and low tones. Click here for more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including details on how to subscribe. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha NS-C444 2-Way Center Channel Speaker Black at And the bass was present but not exciting. Up until the publication of Thiele’s paper, both amplifier designers and speaker designers had operated under the premise that they were ‘stuck’ with having to deal with fixed sets of constants when designing their products. Those who have them generaly swear by them, just check out The newer NS 300 and NSX 8 are pretty close to the legend and are worth an audition preferably with a Yamaha CX-1/MX-1 pre/power amp combo. Great review! We have 2 Yamaha NS-BR300 manuals available for free PDF download: Owner's Manual . The V8s also caused a stir among big trailerboats. That said, I thought the speakers should have reached their break-in time, after some years of use so thought I had a pair of speakers but not what I was looking for. Share: 0. As for their HiFi speakers, I do have Yamaha speakers (huge NS-F350 fronts, NS-P350 surround pack and NS-SW300 sub) and for the price I thought they were actually pretty decent. Discuss: Yamaha NS-C300 - center channel speaker Sign in to comment. Figure 1 shows the resulting responses after they’d been smoothed via third-octave filtering. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Reviews & ratings: Yamaha NS-SW300 10" 250W Powered Subwoofer, 20Hz to 60Hz Frequency Response, Piano Black MFR: NS-SW300PN. Purchased this Yamaha subwoofer to replace our Samsung woofer that quit after 2 years and this guy is 3 times the subwoofer. Yamaha NS-555 review The Yamaha NS-555 has since been superseded by other speakers, but it remains a solid choice if you can find it second-hand. The highs, even at very high notes, have become of a real and natural sound that give the impression of the presence of the band. The black trace shows the frequency response of the NS-SW300 when the high-cut is set to 40Hz, and with this setting of the control, the subwoofer’s frequency response was measured as 23Hz to 120Hz ±3dB. New York, The third way. The Pink Floyd is just a pure pleasure to hear as well as other groups such as EL&P or King Crimson while the sound of more recent music such as Kanye West will just make you jump of your seat with their sound and dynamic bass. With its flexibility and durability, you can be ensured that you are getting a speaker worth your money. © This is a well-known but rarely used method of putting more conductive material into the magnetic field, which has the effect of increasing the driver’s efficiency. I use them in my Home Cinema set up and as they go down to 30Hz I don't even bother with a sub, although for the big explosions they could benefit from having a seperate sub woofer but a minor point if you are using for classical or normal Hi-fi listening. Its 10-inch pure spruce woofer cone is made of the same material that goes into the soundboards of our fine pianos. Fri, 28 Apr 2017. I'VE always split the scooter world into two. A subwoofer that will match a wide range of speakers and interiors. And introducing a new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. For a moderate NS-500M buyers should expect to pay $300 to $400, rarely less. Yamaha’s design means there as a hefty centre chassis spar running down the spine of the XMAX 300, so you definitely have to swing a leg over rather than through it to settle into the saddle. NS-500 Price: $200-250 (Depending on overall condition) NS-500M Price: $300-400 (Depending on overall condition) The NS-5000 is a spiritual successor to their vaunted NS-1000M which was one of the first, if not the first, speaker to use Beryllium as a diaphragm material. The Yamaha NS-333 speaker is loaded with amazing features that can offer you with great performance. They provide a rich, expansive sound with both music and movies. We headed out of the Pensacola Beach Pass to do some heavy offshore fishing for Amberjack when Murphy's Law struck our yamaha outboard boat motor. we bought these back in 2002 for £1000 to go with a Centre NS-C300 speaker, and a pair of NS-200's as the rear surrounds in a 5.1 setup playing mainly DVD's, the amp is a Yamaha DSP-A3090, nobody complains when anyone comes round to our house to watch a movie anyway, to cut a long story short, the centre speaker was playing up, so we took it into our friendly hi-fi shopeee and asked him to repair it, he said it may take a while because his techie chap had a bit of a backlog but you can borrow this centre speaker Yamaha NS-C700 in the meantime, well after playing some DVD's I called him up and said that the NS-C700 was not very good sounding in our setup and could he have a look, so he came over and agreed that it was not perhaps blending in with the bigger NS-300 front stereo speakers two days later he came over with a full set of NS-700 speakers for us to demo, another few days go by and to be honest we were not impressed, he said no problem at the weekend I will change them over for a full set of Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 speakers, and they were in our lounge a big improvement over the NS-700 then I had a brainwave, I compared the NS-300 with the Aero fronts with just a CD player and 2 channel stereo music to see if I wanted to buy the Aero 5.1 system, sadly for the salesman in the hi-fi shop the NS-300's sounded pretty good after all these years, and I called him up and asked him if he had something better than the Aero stereo fronts, he said of course, I have a pair of B&W XT4 floorstanders and a pair of Mordaunt-Short Performance, so yesterday (Sunday 24th Nov) we had an all day listening session swapping over 4 sets of speakers, the hi-fi dealer guy was flabbergasted that the old NS-300's sounded just as good as all the speakers he let us demo and told us we had better keep them, and he will chase his guy to repair the centre speaker asap so back in 2002 these cost £1000, with inflation that is probably about £1500 today (2013) and these retro cool cherry veneer speakers can still keep up sq wise with speakers costing 2 or 3 times more, and the Morduant-Short even more, I think they cost 10 grand he told us if you can find a pair of NS-300 to demo with a good amp, you will be pretty pleased with what you hear, cannot rate these speakers high enough, hi i have used the yamaha ns300 for front and back surround and i think they are fantastic i have used them on the z9 amp for 5 years now and still going strong i love e`m.