My Pros/Cons , some of these are my opinion or personal preference however... + I'll end up with a Tikka centerfire anyways eventually, + the magazine doesn't look god awful and has girth, + compatibility with most tikka t3x stocks and triggers (no aics pattern magazine stocks). You can get the synthetic stock CZ for a good bit cheaper but IMO, I wouldn't trust or want the thinner profile barrel. Are you knowledgeable on this topic? I did own a Brno Mod 2 though and wished I had never let it go. Shooting Australia. [quote="safeshot"]I have my Brno that I got in 1984 it cost ..$180.. In 2018, Tikka introduced the T1x Multi-Task Rimfire (MTR) – its first rimfire rifle. After first trying out the Tikka T1x at the factory in October 2017, it was a bit of a nervous wait until I could get my hands on the final product back home and get it out in the field. I'll be doing the NRL22 (and there's a NRL22X in September I'd like to do) so that will be the focus of this rifle. 8 comments. I ordered me a DIP 25 MOA base and about to do a KRG Bravo. I told my LGS to get one, but as luck would have it, all of the distributors were out of stock. Just one point that a dealer made me aware of yesterday when I bought my CZ455 (in .22WMR)- the CZ 457 has a new design action hence it is a bit of an unknown quantity and may not perform quite the same as the well known 452/455 variants. Sounds like a decent price if the scopes ok. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Think for the best. “When a guy is digging his own grave, you don’t fight him for the shovel.”. I actually thought that was confusing because the CZ 457 has an MTR model, but it stands for Match Target Rifle. Well, with my birthday coming up next week I figured now was the best time to spend a bit of money on myself without the Mrs shooting me. In the previous video review of these two guns, (link below) I was not able to produce acceptable groups. Naturally with all 22's you have to find a load which its partial too. Like, really great. I went against my heart and ordered a T1x. Now to find some time to sight her in. Tikka T1X or CZ 457. View Quote FYI - Tikka T1x is available with a 16" threaded barrel and it's in stock at several online gun peddlers. Shooters are spoiled for choice these days. I have my Brno that I got in 1984 it cost ..$180.. I picked up my T1X this morning. Given this, both the la101 and 457 MTR are more appropriate for target shooting I feel. Tikka T1X and CZ457. - fewer barrel options - I tried to google some but I only found a few unknown (at least to me) brands. I have 2 CZ 455 Varmint 22lr and 17 HMR, they shoots great, 0.6MOA out to 150yds. 100% used as a bench/plinking rifle to learn on as I've somehow accumulated a ton of 22LR ammo that I forgot I had (wife hasn't found out yet)! Scroll down for video timestamps - Joel reviews the CZ 457 chassis gun and the Tikka T1X, both in 22 long rifle. I've been really impressed with the feeding on the T1x, the round is very secure throughout the entire stroke. Differences between CZ 457 and Tikka T1x Now that I've decided to switch to rimfire so I can shoot and practice more, I'm deciding between one of these two rifles. The CZ's were all CZ550's and has been said, apples and oranges. I own a Tikka T1x in 17HMR and love the full size stock, trigger, mag functionality and accuracy. I was in the same boat a couple of months ago. Time will tell on that one. So i wanted to buy a tikka but heard sone bad things about it, please give me some advice on what to consider. Cheapest I found on the gundeals website (not the subreddit although it's cheaper than the few other deals posted about the t1x in the past). Hi everyone! Re: CZ 457 vs Tikka T1X vs Lithgow LA101 - First .22 Rifle by ramshackle » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:37 am Mattraff wrote: My thoughts on the action were typical CZ with it feeling a little agricultural but it is new and covered in the anti rust oil so will be much better once cleaned and lubricated with decent oil. I just ordered a LA101 in 22LR Walnut / Black myself. Speak kindly.". I like the cz’s In .22 - have seen couple tikka .22’s that didn’t shoot that well in comparison - on YouTube. Can pickup both for a decent price in the current environment. It is s et up with strong light for night work; the older I get the better it shoots..! I first tried the Tikka T1x MTR, designed to seamlessly blend mechanically with Tikka’s T3x polymer stocks and modular accessories. The other big thing I was focusing on was the feeding system. And even then you're just solving a POI shift. voere, krico , anshutz type of bolt and bolt release button, and saftey . I have one i purchased used for around $900 and its is perfect for hunting and target work. I own tikka t1x in 17 hmr and I own cz 455 22 bull barrel and cz 455 455 17hmr thumbhole stock. I'm using it in it's first NRL22 match tomorrow. Tikka's T3, T3x. Not to mention the 10 round mags look significantly more sturdy on the Tikka than the CZ. Out of those 3 I'd probably quickly narrow it down to either the the cz457 or the Tikka tx1. I actually went and bought a T1x this afternoon! Tikka has the same footprint as the T3x's but mags may or may not work but some other aftermarket stuff can crossover. I just didn't really fall in love with it. Share. it seems to incorporate some design features of older german designs . Cz 457 vs Tikka t1x 17hmr? Most report the Lithgow likes RWS subs or Eley, my preference is CCI subs as all my rifles shoot well with them. cZ is a favorite but I just bought the new Tikka recently in the 22 version. I'm looking for a Sterk bolt knob but they're gone everywhere in the US. I was in the same boat; handled and shot a CZ 452 American. Is one of these better than the other? As stated in my previous post, I'll probably end up with a KRG Bravo stock for whatever rifle I get. Absolutely no experience with either although from my research it boiled down to, out of the box they are essentially the same with the CZ barrel having slightly more variations. All very good rifles - I own a Lithgow LA101 22LR and a CZ 22LR - love them both but they have their own plusses and minuses. The CZ457, Tikka T1X, Savage Mark II TRSSR and the Ruger American Target all seem to get pretty good reviews and are similarly priced. the new 60 degree bolt throw is a good thing, one of the only critisisms i had of cz/brno was the need to have a high mounted scope for bolt throw clearance . CZ 457 vs Tikka T1X vs Lithgow LA101 - First .22 Rifle, Re: CZ 457 vs Tikka T1X vs Lithgow LA101 - First .22 Rifle. If you’ll be predominantly target shooting, weight will be your friend. Oliver May 13, 2019, 7:15 am. Although I came see the attraction of buying an Australian made firearm. All rights reserved. I'm am going to purchase either a Cz 457 Mtr or tikka t1x very soon. If you want your 22 for range work, would you consider an Anschutz? One advantage of the CZ is you can get a 457 with a much shorter barrel (16.5”) than the Tikka (20”) which maya be nice considering the extra length of the suppressor. I guess that the CZ 457 AT ONE Varmint in .17 HMR was overlooked. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Reply Link. Join the forum. Plus worst case scenario you can always replace the barrel. I’ve seen others get amazing accuracy out of these rifles, amazing trigger. Great rifle, shot well, bolt was a long throw but it cycled well. Congrats on the purchase. One of my biggest concerns was accuracy, but it seems like the two are so comparable that it probably matters more what individual barrel you end up with on either one than one over the other. Can’t believe how accurate! My own experience has been with a CZ 452 SuperMatch that shot Ok , but a 1962 German made Krico shot a little better. Basically, this is my conundrum: Which model to buy. Aftermarket is evening out for both lately, Tikka has taken it by storm. Some unlucky rabbits might be targeted as well this winter. At what point does a lack of maintenance become "patena"? It needs to live up to what my CZ's will do, so far it has a good start. I have a leupold rimfire scope on it which is great and has a ballistic drop recticle which I find very useful for long shots. (457 American). Enjoy the new toy! My HW66 loves the ELEY match loads as well as the SK target ammo. Apparently it literally came from the factory the day before I ordered it, so hopefully I avoid any of the old niggles it was having. Copyright © 2019. I've loved it so far, but if it's not great for this application I'm not against selling it. My current scope that I is the Burris XTR II 4-20x50, is there any reason to ditch this and get something else? If you search CZ 457 match barrels, you immediately get actual match barrels for sale. Tikka T1x MTR. You have to use the "email for price" option because it's under MAP pricing. I have reached out to a couple members on here who owns both a t1x and cz 455/457 to see which is more accurate out of the box. Log in to see fewer ads Hey guys; I posted in the .17 HMR section because I couldn't find a general .22LR thread. I own the CZ and like it but I am selling mine to buy a lefty tikka. The price is very similar for both models as long as you don't go too wild on the "trim level" of the CZ. In saying that I have not had experience with the two new relative new comers being the T1x and the 457. I tried out the .22 rimfire version in Finland, but a .17 HMR was to arrive with me here in 16”/400mm barrel format. Beautiful gun, heirloom quality, smooth action, and as accurate as any of my full Kidd builds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If ur gonna get it in wood stock cz all the way can’t beat the slab of wood they give you. The CZ 557 and Tikka T1X are both very interesting. with a $1200 maximum i would strongly recommend the Weihrauch HW66 in 22LR. Tikka t1x or cz455/457, or something else? How'd you go with the 101 Pyroteq? i do like that the American Target takes the 10/22 mags but that's not that big of a deal anyone want to weigh in on this ? I had a really hard time finding detailed information on either one though. If you search t1x match barrels, you get forum posts asking about them and 1 or 2 actual barrels. The subreddit for long range precision shooting enthusiasts. Press J to jump to the feed. It should also be covered under warranty from the manufacturer, most good companies will honour the warranty still even after re-sale. Its had a few thousand rounds thru it without a single feed issue or failure. Tikka TX1 vs CZ 457 Anyone know if they are going to bring out or have bought out a walnut Blue version of these Tikka's, if not it's going to be an easy choice for me for the next Rimfire. some say this is a testament to the Tikka's lack of need for a barrel upgrade but also that it's because it's a pita to change barrels. Hunting ammo it shoots most hit velocity or subsonic ammo very well with one notable exception being the Winchester Power Points- which it doesn't like one iota!! But also not light enough as a carry around rifle. A great problem to have with no wrong decision. I was looking into another 455 or 457, I am glad I got the Tikka… And I have no qualms about rattlecanning or busting up the synthetic stock. Probably just my PTSD from how bad the RPRR feeding and ejection is but I really wanted to get the best one I could. A 1813 is a full competition model and may be close to your budget but there are other cheaper models. Most leaned towards tikka. 457 Varmint vs. T1x. I've reached out to some Australian retailers to see if they'd ship internationally. The cz has a nice stock and is a proven design. let me know your thoughts and/or experience related to the Tikka and CZ 455/457. The T1X fit standard Tikka T3 centrefire stocks so finding a timber one is easy enough Pick her up yet? You may find good deals on 455 now due that the 457 is replacing them. I own a CZ 452 American. I went to a weihrauch after that, beautiful build qaulity, the accuracy was average. It just makes better sense. Now that I've decided to switch to rimfire so I can shoot and practice more, I'm deciding between one of these two rifles. But the factory barrel is so good that even a really high end aftermarket barrel doesn't really help, unless you want a thicker profile for a suppressor. i could be mistaken, but the design of the cz 457 has changed from previous models . I don't have any personal experience with the 457 but I did a lot of reading trying to choose between the two. The result is the Tikka T1x MTR, which stands for Multi-Task Rimfire. Rimfire bolt action rifles, lever action, pump action and self loading rifles. Love the wood on the CZ, so I’ll probably go with that. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I’m not sure that a man could go wrong with either choice. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. A detachable almost flush fitting magazine is a key benefit, with 10-round capacity rather than the five rounds as standard on the other two. If you're ready to pull the trigger on one, I just placed an order on GunZoneDeals and got a T1x for $426.99 and 3 magazines for $21.99 a piece. Blog Post - -! I want my first gun to be one of those. Precision Rifle Network did a video on this topic, wouldn’t hurt to take a look: The short bull barrel looks amazing, but small and pathetic looking mags (not to mention they look like they might break at any moment) ruined it for me as well. I was very much set on the CZ because the wood and bull barrel combo looked so damn nice but their magazines ruined it for me. I believe under Australian consumer law I'd be fine as all products must meet the expected performance. See which one comes out on top. Plan is to go out to the range right away after I pick it up and test it out. Honestly, they're both great options, pick the one you think is cooler looking and buy an Area 419 base. Also it looks like the two go to scope bases for both rifles are from DPI and Area 419. ~ cheaper synthetic stock, definitely less pleasing than the wood imo but the CZ 457 stock while nice, probably would'nt have been on there forever anyhow in favor of a more practical stock. Both are good rifles and accurate, but different in scope. However, the guys over at Rimfire Central (a bunch of CZ nutz), have said that the Tikka T1x is the cats meow. If you have trouble with the mag feeding there is an instruction page on the Lithgow site and I have also seen it posted on here if you search. I was looking to put together a rifle for NRL22 Basic Class - and was leaning towards the CZ 457 Pro Varmint. I have both, and have had several of each. Re: CZ 457 vs Tikka T1X vs Lithgow LA101 - First .22 Rifle by MUZZ » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:10 am Altering the bolt or chamber in some way would need to be done by a Gunsmith by law, but I don't think altering the way the magazine fits is classed as "altering a firearm". I'd prefer the Tikka's thicker barrel or the CZ 457 bull barrels over the American or synthetic barrels. Everyone loves a rematch! Altering the bolt or chamber in some way would need to be done by a Gunsmith by law, but I don't think altering the way the magazine fits is classed as "altering a firearm". You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Like, actual pure cancer. share. I did some more home work and decided to give the Tikka T1X a go instead. They are radically and wildly different in every way. It just got a T1X ( see below post ) so far it is out shooting my 455,s. I might just have to grab my camera and do a little video comparing the feeding on the RPRR and the T1x... CZ has been around longer so it has more aftermarket stuff. My first PTA just cleared so now I'm just waiting for the paperwork to arrive in the mail. My current 22 is a CZ 452 American that is extremely accurate, and with a replacement trigger spring has a pretty good trigger. The Tikka has a really nice receiver, and the … I'll be doing the NRL22 (and there's a NRL22X in September I'd like to do) so that will be the focus of this rifle. The Bravo is one of the most comfortable stocks available but that's just the beginning. The price will make you and your wallet overjoyed. Available in .22LR and .17 HMR, Tikka injects its legendary accuracy and deep knowledge of ergonomics to the rimfire platform. If I was buying tomorrow, the Tikka would top the list. Tikka T1x MTR Styled after their T3x rifle, Tikka has carried over many centerfire traits in their first .22LR. It is s et up with strong light for night work; the older I get the better it shoots..! This website subject to the terms & conditions listed in the 'Help' section. I hope you find some of this information useful. I like a meaty rifle with a high comb for shooting from standing offhand. Stay safe and happy shooting. It’s gonna come down to preference because both are tacks drivers I went with the T1x and put it in a KRG Bravo, I'm super pleased with it. ... a bolt gun again and am wondering how these two might work. I've done one NRL22 match before using my Ruger Precision Rimfire. "Behave well. But I have several other 22’s , 17’s. The T1x has a better trigger than the 455, and is … Tikka mags are great. There are more barrels for the CZ, Tikka barrels are also a mother whore of a rancid bitch to change. I had pretty much the same thought process as you. I am not sure if the new CZ are as good. Bravo Chassis Rimfire: A Tikka T1x and CZ-457 variant of the Bravo Chassis provides you with the essential chassis benefits combined with conventional target/varmint ergonomics all at a modest price. It seems like there are more barrel options for the CZ but more options for everything else on the Tikka. KRG makes a rimfire specific version of their Bravo chassis and I know the T1x drops straight into it no issue, I believe the 457 does too. To be honest mate I don’t think you could wrong with either of the three you have listed. Although there are like 10 different 457 models with different profiles and lengths so that could be why there are different "variations". I am going to leave either rifle completely stock. Air rifles. Mags will never work.